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Our Offerings


of Excellence

Andile’s Centres of Excellence focus on servicing the top global Trade and Treasury vendor systems used by our global Banking clients, as well as supporting our clients with a range of associated operational services.

Industry Realities


Financial and Capital markets are historically slow to adapt, but a recognition of the need for change is growing in this sector. 


Transformation in the financial markets technology space will accelerate in the next 3 - 5 years because of Fourth Industrial Revolution pressures such as Banks’ internal modernisation strategies and shifting market demand. Regulators world-wide are facing similar pressures to evolve with the times.


Banks are finding that their margins are under attack and in response to this, are focusing on cost-reduction strategies, that include plans for digitalisation and cloud.


Accelerating change in the macro landscape due to digital disruption and regulatory reform is making it hard for Bank decision-makers and project owners to keep up, stay informed and take the right actions.

How we solve this

Andile delivers quality client engagements through long-term relationships on Run, Change and Transform initiatives within client organisations.
Andile is a business built on specialist expertise in Capital and Financial Markets and we help our clients safely navigate an environment of evolving technology, risk and constant regulatory change.

We solve unique, complex problems for our clients and provide sustainable business solutions to identify, manage, and mitigate risk. We also employ automation wherever possible in our implementation and project work, making our clients more efficient and giving them significantly more oversight.

Andile’s offering is differentiated by our highly skilled team, who bring the optimal mix of business and market risk experience, whilst focusing on the practical, day-to-day operational issues our clients face.

Andile’s hiring practices, career path management and training mechanisms ensure that staff are challenged, motivated, and empowered to become world leading in their fields of expertise. Andile provides opportunities for our people to become specialists in the Front, Middle and Back-office areas across all asset classes that are traded.

the bank

Services that help Banks run their Trade and Treasury units more effectively and reduce TCO.

the bank
Specialist Services to streamline Banks’ infrastructure and operations and achieve a higher ROI.
the bank
Specialist advice and future-state technology to help Banks with their Digital Transformation and Cloud journeys.