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Adenza Conference: A Glimpse into Automation and Regulatory Focus

A Glimpse into Automation and Regulatory Focus

After our memorable experience at the SIBOS conference, we are excited to share our feedback on the Adenza Conference, held in Paris.

As a long-standing partner of Adenza and Calypso, attending this year’s Adenza Conference was a valuable opportunity for Andile to connect with our partner and see what was in store for us, and our clients, in the near future. Joining numerous partners and banks from around the world, we were all eager to discover what Adenza had in store.

Having attended similar events in the past, I am always fascinated by the factors that shape Adenza’s direction and influence their clients. Staying at the forefront of developments in the European market not only keeps us informed about global trends but also enables Andile as a company to anticipate and shape the realities of the African market.

Our team had several noteworthy observations regarding the conference and its implications for our diverse range of clients, both local and international.

A Focus on Automation

From the start of the conference, it was evident that Adenza is determined to embrace automation in all its forms. From automated testing to configuration management and adoption of modern technology like Docker containers and Kubernetes to move to a more CI/CD environment. Witnessing their dedication to innovation served as a wake-up call for Adenza clients, urging them to invest more in their own innovative journeys – a topic that has been at the forefront of discussion at Andile for a while now.

Their cloud solution, aimed at hosting Calypso on a cloud infrastructure for clients, stood out as one of their primary focuses. Additionally, regulatory reporting and related matters took centre stage, reflecting their commitment to navigating the complex world of financial regulations. It is worth noting that their approach may not be cutting-edge in terms of advanced technologies, like AI, but their investment in research and development is evident. Operational efficiencies, support for clients, and the introduction of the Calypso workbench are all testaments to their commitment to enhancing the user experience.

Navigating the Cloud Journey

While Adenza’s cloud strategy is undeniably a impressive, the conference shed light on the ongoing discussions and deliberations with clients regarding the effectiveness of cloud versus hybrid cloud strategies for their Calypso systems. As implementation partners, it is crucial for us to acknowledge that the cloud journey’s cost-effectiveness is still to be proven. Adenza’s dedication to exploring cloud solutions offers an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange, connecting with other banks and Calypso counterparts.

Regulatory Matters and Capital Markets Synergy

Adenza’s emphasis on regulatory matters was impossible to ignore. With discussions revolving around new regulations such as ESG and Basel IV, it became evident that they recognize the crucial role of compliance in today’s financial landscape. The synergy between their regulatory package and capital markets initiatives showcased their efforts to create cohesion and streamline processes for clients. It was interesting to observe the attention dedicated to regulatory topics, with a clear majority of the morning discussions centred on this aspect. Adenza’s commitment to addressing regulatory challenges is a testament to their maturity as an organization.

The reality of Adenza’s Project Simplify for Calypso clients

Adenza has been implementing Project Simplify since 2020 to motivate their clients to upgrade to the two supported versions of Calypso and rebase annually to the latest Calypso Maintenance Release. Upon speaking with several clients during the event, it became apparent that the actual testing required to meet the upgrade requirements of Project Simplify has been acknowledged. Numerous clients are faced with the task of upgrading from end-of-life versions to Calypso v17 before the year’s end, and they now understand that the most effective approach to stay ahead of the upgrade curve is to adopt an automated testing strategy of some kind.

Roadmap for African Clients

For our African clients, it is important to emphasize key concepts such as automated testing and the Calypso Automated Testing Tool (CATT), which can provide a glimpse into their future. The adoption of similar tools and practices showcased at the Adenza Conference can guide our own progression. Market-related initiatives such as treasury and liquidity management, investment plans, market conditions, and collateral optimization should also be highlighted, as they can have a significant impact on our African clients. Basel IV, a vital regulation, should be mentioned as well, as it affects institutions globally.

Despite challenging market conditions, the Adenza Conference reinforced Calypso’s unwavering focus on growth. The conference served as a platform to highlight the company’s resilience and commitment to meeting regulatory demands head-on. Their efforts to invest in research and development, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the user experience through automation and innovative tools were commendable. Adenza’s determination to navigate the complex landscape of finance and technology reassures clients about their choice and showcases their dedication to continuous improvement.