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Achieve sustainable longevity

Andile has a first principle understanding of the Capital Markets business driven by continuous, absorptive learning. We strive to innovate around our Calypso offering, providing pioneering solutions for our clients.

Andile has partnered closely with Calypso (now Adenza) over many years, on platform support, market development and new business initiatives.

This has evolved into a full Managed Services partnership where Andile hosts the infrastructure, sells the software licenses, and supports and services our clients throughout their multi-year agreement periods.

Not only does Andile provide full support for Adenza’s market leading Trade and Treasury platform Calypso, but this heavy-hitting partnership, with its exceptional implementation track record, has also jointly developed a target operating model for Central and Investment Banks across Africa.

As a preferred Calypso partner, we have upgraded and implemented more than 25 Calypso projects over the past 10 years. Andile provides its clients with ‘X-as-a-Service’ (XaaS) solutions for Calypso Run and Change functions: including automated testing, support services, managed services, integration services and full Cloud migration.


Trusted Relationships

Relationships thrive on value. We are driven to assist our clients to unlock and grow value. We have worked alongside Financial Services Institutions all over the world for years, building many long-lasting and trusted partnerships.

Extensive Knowledge

Andile is a recognised partner of Calypso and has been so for many years. We have assisted several top Financial Services Institutions around the globe, proactively engaging with them to achieve their strategic objectives.

Vast Network

As a trusted partner of Calypso, Andile has built a strong reputation for its deep subject matter expertise, broad execution experience and its wide network of clients and partners in markets all over the world.

Why Consider

Calypso front-to-back skills

Extensive upgrade and greenfield implementation experience

Calypso Training

Central bank implementation experience

Calypso Automated Testing Tool (CATT) Experience

Battle-tested Calypso implementation project methodology

What clients say about our service

Other Service Lines

of Excellece

Servicing the top global Trade and Treasury vendor systems used by our global Banking clients…

the bank

Services to help Banks run their Trade and Treasury units more effectively and reduce TCO.

the bank
Specialist Services to streamline Banks’ infrastructure and operations and achieve a higher ROI.
Andile’s continuously invests to ensure that we develop, and implement, world class standard project delivery practices to ensure quality and speed of delivery for our clients.