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Business Architecture Review

Clearly define your system needs and map your strategic business intent ​
Companies need to become more agile in this rapidly developing landscape of digital innovation and transformation. In order to align business and technology at a foundational level, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive review of business architecture.

A Business Architecture Review (BAR) interprets and contextualises strategic initiatives against operational processes and the IT system landscape bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

Andile designed the Business Architecture Review to assist Financial Institutions to define their system needs and map their strategic intent and their operating model, against their current IT infrastructure and technology stack. Andile’s BAR outlines a future-fit technology and operating model roadmap that ensures our client’s processes and systems are aligned to their strategic direction.

Step 1:
Business Overview

  • Business / Departmental Vision and Mission
  • Current processes and IT architecture
  • Strategic vision

Step 2:
Detailed Questionaries

  • People / Employees
  • Operations & Trade
  • Systems and infrastructure
  • Customer Experience
  • Regulation & Risk
  • Honest feedback
  • Process definitions

Step 3:
Deep Dive with key stakeholders to validate findings

  • Test assumptions
  • Top-down & bottom-up comb through
  • Review technical and business processes
  • Review TCO
  • Audit findings

Step 4:
Detailed Analysis

  • Rate & Weight findings
  • Data analysis
  • Map findings: Gaps and Opportunities

Step 5:

  • Functional Architecture maps
  • Supporting Review Document
  • In-Depth feedback session to Senior Execs
  • Heatmap
  • Executable Roadmap

Who should consider

Established Banks

Understand the gaps in your systems, both legacy and automated, ensuring that your business is streamlined to best achieve your strategic goals.

Regional Banks

Review your business architecture and evaluate your legacy systems to ensure you are using the best technology solutions to meet your needs.

Challenger Banks

Understanding your business architecture is the first move to building a roadmap to future proof your business. Consider the best moves for the future, bringing every facet of the business in line with this vision.

Companies having recently undergone a merger

Review your overlapping systems to ensure a coherent business, technology and operational infrastructure.

All organizations can gain significant benefits from actively understanding the steps necessary to achieve their strategic goals. All companies, regardless of their size or maturity can have gaps in processes and missed opportunities for automation.

When clients engage Andile to review their enterprise architecture, it is typically motivated by one or more of the following:

Quicker Time to Market 

Our experience means that we are efficient and quick, lowering your product delivery costs and ensuring a faster time to market. 

Enable Growth

Business processes and enterprise systems must be adjusted to accommodate growth in business activity, to ensure success.

Evaluation of Legacy Systems 

Systems and processes that haven’t been evaluated for several years are likely to fall behind on potentially value-adding innovations.

Alignment of Business Processes to Best Practice

Gaps in business processes and the software systems that back them are often identified during the course of a business architecture review. When implementing the best-fit software systems to enable the right business processes, Banks are much more likely to achieve their strategic objectives.

Road map to implementation of future state architecture
As artificial intelligence advances, business process automation will increase, making it possible to automate more complex tasks. Ensure your business has the right plan to implement cloud, automation and AI, in order to create sustainable competitive advantage in your market.

Outperform the Competition

A Business architecture review helps a company stay competitive by outperforming peers who don’t regularly review their processes and systems.

What clients say about our service

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