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Project Execution

Simplifying transformation projects for banks with streamlined execution, ensuring timely delivery and superior outcomes.
Banks today face several challenges that make it necessary for them to employ specialised project execution services, like those provided by Andile. The rapidly evolving technology landscape and the increased regulations in the financial services industry require banks to continuously upgrade and modernise their systems.

Banking systems tend to be extremely complex, and implementing new initiatives or system upgrades can be time-consuming and expensive. In order to ensure the success of these projects and minimise risk, banks need to consistently implement best practice.

Andile’s project execution services provide a comprehensive approach to project implementation, bringing a team of experts who have a deep understanding of the industry, can navigate complex regulations, and deliver best practice to ensure that projects are executed efficiently, effectively, and within budget, be they platform upgrade or Greenfield implementation projects.

What You Get

Expertise and specialisation

Andile’s project execution services are delivered by a team of experts and specialists who have a deep understanding of the industry and can deliver best-practice solutions to ensure project success.

End-to-end support

Andile provides a comprehensive approach to project execution, including best-practice project management, specialist training, testing, and migration.

Guaranteed results

With a focus on delivering results, Andile’s project execution teams give you a level of confidence that your projects will be completed on time and within budget.

Reduced risk

By using dedicated teams, Andile helps you manage risk and implement best practice, minimising the potential for costly mistakes.

Efficient delivery

Andile’s fixed cost basis and average team size of 8-10 individuals ensures an efficient and cost-effective approach to project execution.

Improved operating model

Andile’s project execution services target your operating model from both a business and a systems point of view, ensuring that projects not only deliver the intended outcome but also drive improved efficiency and effectiveness.

What clients say about our service

Other Change the Bank Services

Andile’s Advisory Services are made up of teams of highly specialised Subject Matter Experts, who are deployed to address market, technology and regulatory problem statements for clients, and are able to provide bespoke services and solutions in these areas. 

Our specialist teams consist of financial engineers, software engineers, solution architects and regulatory experts, who provide clients with the right mix of knowledge and expertise to address the most complex of problem statements.

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Agile projects need Agile Contracts. Andile’s Agile Contracting solution provides banks with a lean, core team of resources, with the ability to scale up with specialist resources over time as business needs arise. 

Agile contracts provide our clients with a measured and continuous visibility approach, that ensures access to specialist resources aligned to today’s ever-changing technology requirements.

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Servicing the top global Trade and Treasury vendor systems used by our global Banking clients…

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Services to help Banks run their Trade and Treasury units more effectively and reduce TCO.

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Specialist advice and future-state technology to help Banks with their Digital Transformation and Cloud journeys.
Andile’s continuously invests to ensure that we develop, and implement, world class standard project delivery practices to ensure quality and speed of delivery for our clients.